Why doesn't DeSoto LLC use social media? 

Great question! We don't use social media because of two very distinct reasons. First and foremost we believe that brands are built not bought. Our reputation has us booked three to six months out. The second is cognitive distraction. We believe that social media takes a massive amount of focus out of the equation and diverts from core business practices.

What Can DeSoto LLC do for my Business?

That's a good question! We can help you solve problems that you are struggling with. It's that simple. Over the last 15 years we have helped solve a variety of problems that tend to make your hair turn grey by giving you some outside professional perspective.

Do you work with any business?

Before we take on any client we do an initial analysis, If we are not confident that we can create a positive return on your investment in my time we will not sign you as a client. On occasion there are companies that have an offering that we do not morally agree with and cannot participate in helping.

How long does it take to see a return?

That depends on what problem we are helping with. Some items can take a few weeks to gain traction as compared to positively changing the client engagement protocol which can often have immediate results. During the initial consultation, we will lay out all projected outcomes.

How do you work remotely?

Every project is unique and may require both on and off site processes. We have 2 offices in the Phoenix Market as well as locations in Chicago and Missouri. More often than not, an onsite visit initially is the best place to start then, depending on the scope of the project at hand remote is always a potential option.

Do you help with execution ?

When it comes time to execute your plan, we can provide coaching or temporary leadership to oversee the work with specialists on your team or an agency partner. We can also help with content development and in some cases, We can hire my own team of virtual freelancers to help with implementation. We can also give consultation on how to organize and manage your staffing model (for both in-house and outsourced talent) so you get the best bang for your buck.