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DeSoto Consulting LLC was established in 2006 by Marketing veteran Sergio DeSoto. Sergio began his career by opening one of the first vehicle wrap companies in the world.

He sold that company and focused on developing the Vehicle Wrap industries leading design software ( The Bad Wrap ) and developed the only Vehicle Wrap Installer certification programs in the world. ( Lowen™ and 3M™ Certified ).

Sergio DeSoto went on to become the CMO of the largest visual marketing distribution company as well as the V.P. of marketing for the country's leading national brand management and visual communications company.

In 2006 Sergio DeSoto opted to provide his Fortune 500 marketing experience to small business Owners which has resulting in projects for clients who now have International Fame.

DeSoto Consulting has served a variety of clients including Tribal Governments, National Franchise Groups, Law Firms, Restaurants, Visual Marketing companies and Celebrities. Which has resulted in a digital marketing firm that has over 300 team members who serve our clients in a powerful and effective manner resulting in real client growth.

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DeSoto Consulting LLC offers a complete digital marketing platform for businesses of all sizes. DeSoto Consulting empowers our to expand their current offerings and stimulate the growth of their brand. This means viable return on all acquisition costs, new and concise client channels, and automated proof of performance that will drive customer acquisition and retention while saving time.

Forget months, DeSoto LLC can grow your revenue streams in a few short weeks.The combination of our state-of-the-art marketing platform,  and service offering is the full package for small businesses who want to grow.

Awesome Achievements:
  • Massive Sales Increases | Sky Zone
  • Signed by Monster Energy | Hanro Studios
  • Vehicle Wrap installer certification Program | 3M
  • Vehicle Wrap Design Software | The Bad Wrap
  • Best Tribal Webspace | San Juan Southern Paiute Tribe
  • Workflow revamp and ROI | Gorman Evap
  • West Coast Customs Sponsor - SEMA | Fellers Inc

With DeSoto Consulting LLC, your business will acquire more prospects, retain more clients, and grow exponentially.

"The only thing that matters is how your brand is perceived, not by the world, but by your best clients"

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Our Process

How We Work


Exploring the problem

Every client has unique goals and issues that need to be resolved to increase revenue. We diligently take the time to explore your current position. We will then make the needed recommendations needed to secure your space in the competitive landscape.

Finding the solution

There is no blanket solution that fits every small businesses needs in marketing. We will develop the most effective solutions possible to help you gain your fair share of the market or increase your profitability with operational software and training.


Every aspect of our process involves client engagement. We keep our clients in the loop with clear communication, recommendations and approvals.

Building the solution

Once we have a clear mission, our focus becomes building out the tools needed to help your business grow.

Launch and support

Once completed, we will be there through the entire process to ensure things go well so you can start realizing the return on your investment.
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