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Responsive Web Design (RWD).

The purpose of RWD is to allow your web page to render appropriately on a variety of devices,  windows and screen sizes.

How RWD Works.

Responsive sites are fluid and adjust to the screen or window size they are being viewed on.

Investing in a Responsive Design. 

Across the world an increasing number of people are using mobile devices. A recent 2018 Pew study  found that 77 % of Americans now own smartphones. This is up from just the 35% found in Pew Research Center’s first smartphone ownership survey in 2011.

Check your traffic and you might just be shocked at just how many visitors are getting to your website through mobile devices.  (In your Google Analytics, select “Audience” on the left side, then “Mobile” to see what proportion of traffic is from mobile devices. You can even drill down to see which devices are sending the traffic.)

If this is true, RWD is absolutely essential for any current web page design. Through our services, DeSotoLLC can insure your web page has the appropriate responsive design.

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