Vehicle Wrap Design

DeSoto LLC and your custom Vehicle Wrap. 

Our founder, Sergio DeSoto, was a pioneer in the vehicle wrap industry. He developed and patented the leading Vehicle Wrap design templates as well as leading programs for Vehicle Wrap installer certifications. For examples click here.

Custom Vehicle Wrap designs.

Not all Vehicle Wraps are created equal. At DeSoto LLC we pride ourselves on next-level Vehicle Wrap designss. Our Wraps are custom created to address anything you might need. We can handle any of the following directives:

  • New Brands.
  • Existing Brands.
  • Location / field based services.
  • Simple identification.
  • Event marketing.

Why a custom Vehicle Wrap matters.

Every company should have specific channels for marketing. A well-designed Vehicle Wrap allows you to market to your company even when you are on the go. The offering or service as well as the context of the images, verbiage and contact info  all play a critical role in the effectiveness of the Vehicle Wrap. Rest assured, every DeSoto LLC Wrap  is customized for your specific purpose, as wells for the make, model and year of the vehicle.

Some Examples of work

Vehicle Wrap Design
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