Secure NSN.Gov

Secure a NSN.gov URL for your Tribal Council.

We can help you secure your NSN.gov domain name by helping you gather all the requirements and by submitting the information to the Bureau of Indian Affairs .

Domain Requirements

Here is an overview of the .gov domain registration requirements. This is meant to further explain and clarify sections of the federal policy, which focuses on purpose and jurisdiction.

The .gov top-level domain (TLD) facilitates collaboration among government-to-government, government-to-business, and government-to-citizen entities. The TLD authorizes domain names for bona fide US-based government organizations, at the federal, state, and local levels, including federally recognized Indian tribes and Alaskan Native groups, known as native sovereign nations (NSNs). .gov makes government services easy to identify on the internet.

Every .gov domain name application is carefully examined to ensure domain names requested will not create misunderstandings about the purpose of domains and their content. GSA arbitrates domain name issues and reserves the right to deny domain name requests that do not adequately meet requirements.

Domain name requests (and requests for exceptions to policy) must come from an “authorizing authority”, which differs slightly for federal, native sovereign nations, state, interstate, independent intrastate, and city/county government organizations.

Tribal Needs

We will assist you with: 

  • Corresponding with .gov and the BIA.
  • Adopting the appropriate language for the needed Tribal Resolution via our partner law firm.
  • Adopting the appropriate DNS configurations.
  • Creating a modern website ( if you so choose ). 
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Secure NSN.Gov
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