Client Relationship Management

CRM software that helps you sell smarter, better, faster.

CRM software allows you to reach out to prospects at the right moment and engage them across every channel. CRM software helps businesses of all sizes close more deals in smarter ways.

Ensure the right data enters your CRM.

The quality of your CRM data directly impacts your efficiency. With condition checks across multiple criteria that carefully attuned to your specific industry and need, you can make sure the right information enters your CRM.

Don't let emails fall through the cracks.

By taking advantage of Zoho CRM's reports, you can see when your emails were delivered, if they've been opened and when they were read. And, since CRM associates all emails with their respective customer records, you'll never have to comb through a mountain of messages to send your next round of follow-ups.

Know how your team is doing.

A manager needs to know who is performing and who has room to improve. You can use Zoho CRM's analytics on each salesperson's account to create individual reports based on the number of emails they've sent daily, weekly, or monthly.

Compatible with your favorite email system.

You can send and receive emails from the email client of your choice, including Gmail, Yahoo!, Outlook, and Zoho Mail, so that you never miss a single message. Use the standard email configuration to link all incoming emails to your CRM.

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Client Relationship Management
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