When your clients overdose on Dopamine!

Post by 
Sergio DeSoto
July 2, 2017

Let's start this post off with some prefatory definitions like;

What is a client?

A person or organization using the services of a  professional person or company.

What is dopamine?

Dopamine is a chemical in your brain that affects your emotions, movements and your sensations of pleasure and pain.

What is a client overdose?

When your client responds in a manner that leaves them with a permanent positive memory categorized to your niche because the experience was beyond words.

Look, I am just a guy whose livelihood depends on helping established businesses become better by bringing opportunities to light.   What I mean by "better" is ultimately more profitable, right?

It amazes me how often the core competencies and expectations of running a successful business belied these principles on purpose. It may tie into perspective or the lack thereof, but I believe it has to do with being selfish. WIthout the mature understanding that in this life you must give to receive.

Think about it for a minute. You give me a great meal and service; I will then tell my friends and family how much I love you. I will be happy to pay you a premium for partaking in your offering. You give me a small, insignificant meal coupled with crappy service and you better believe I am checking in and giving you a 1 star.

So why is it management will focus on reducing staff, cutting costs and deny employee morale. Why will the administration focus on how they feel things can be better instead of asking their clients? Well, some do, and those who do are destined for success. Those who don't. Well, it was nice seeing you brother, but why is the door locked.

My advice, walk outside and clear your nugget. Mentally reset as your best client, and I don't care if they are a five-year-old. Walk in and take a tour from their perspective. If the experience it isn't astonishing for the revenue set you requesting then change it. Yes, there are expenses, and yes there is a PNL. But don't be a fool and starve one expecting the other will grow.

Give your clients a happily delivered dopamine overdose and watch your profits soar!

Have a blessed Thanksgiving and we will talk again soon!

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