Vehicle wraps are not created equal!


This market changed; It does not seem that long ago when vehicle wraps purchased by companies, was completely administered by a specialist, a firm or group that understood the complexity of design, printing, and installation.

Due to the influx of popularity and ease of entry, the vehicle wrap business is now open to hacks. Trust me; I have seen it with my own eyes. Dirty shops, no air conditioning, and poor design have all taken the hard earned marketing dollars meant spent on robust and powerful marketing tools.

The days have passed when analyzing the brand's goals, meaning and market were part of the creative process, and wraps held in high regard as the king of the advertising world. Reaching seventy thousand plus per month in a traditional market right in the customers face. The wrap owners customer to be exact.

All is not lost. There are providers in this market that take the marketing end of the transaction seriously, yet they are not the masses. So much so, that the purpose of this post is to help you, the end user.

To help you find that shop and use them even if the investment is higher.

The Creative Brief:

This process must execute with care and attention. The provider should delve deep into your mind and locate your real mission. Are you a new brand trying to make a name or a local giant defending your position? Are you a national franchise with standards? Are you offering a service where you target market is precisely where the vehicle is stopped or are you an offering where the world can benefit from seeing you?

There is a myriad of situational responses that will determine the best method of displaying your message; not all brands have the same mission or audience. The process needs to considered with diligence before landing on the designer's desk.

Keep in mind, this process, ( if your goal is to own a wrap that is useful ) the creative brief is executed by a pro with experience in marketing. Real knowledge is not cheap; it has ROI value, so will your wrap.

The Proofing Process

Your designer should take the creative brief to heart and use tried methods to build your marketing piece with precision. The visual reinforcement, the branding, the call to action and services should all be placed on the vehicle in a manner that will capitalize to the extreme.

When you look at your first proof, if the shop is professional. It should do two things. 1. Require microscopic in revisions. 2. Should resonate your marketing goals both visually and verbally.

Keep in mind; most business owners are not designers so if you think a turd looks good the artist can only go so far..

Printing and production

This piece is tough to track as a business owner, so pay attention. The best advice here is demand a "pre-inspection" report and, a copy of the "lot numbers" for the film ( printed and laminate ) used to make your wrap real.

There are only a few films on the market that prove themselves worthy, 3M, Avery and Oracal are the big names yet 3M still holds the crown. Couple the film with the print technology and your recipe will either work great or just fail.

A professional provider will give you a written warranty that contains specs issued by the printer company as well as the film. Realistically a one-year weather specification is the best you will receive.  


There are a few certifications on the market today. Unfortunately, this designation is not failed proof. Ask to see the installers previous works and look close at the details. Hood ends, bumpers, grills and door handles will speak volumes not only regarding the shop's ability to install but the level at which they deem their work to be acceptable.

A professional provider will have quality tools on the site to remove any obstacles that interfere with the smoothness and overall appearance of the wrap. This also takes time and is not relevant to cost savings.

In closing,

If you want a cheap wrap, go for it. You deserve it because spending money on something that will not work and looks bad because it is cheaper is right up your ally.

Or find a provider that understands marketing and has high standards, so the investment you have made becomes free because a quality wrap will pay for itself tenfold.

Sergio DeSoto
Strategic and results-driven Brand Management Professional with 16+ years of experience driving company-wide value, leading highly-visible business initiatives, and driving revenue growth and positive brand awareness within fast-paced, rapidly evolving environments.
March 6, 2016