The ReMax Balloon Is Popping.

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August 23, 2018

I have to think about what I am about to post because articulating the enormity of what is taking place requires lots of coffee and focus. The real estate game is one that will make any marketer scratch their head trying to understand the logic that goes behind the methodology. You have so many identities presented that conflict with mental brand categorization, lack of niche focus and well, many times, horrible brand presentation.

This does not even begin to explain the dynamics in which this industry is run.  Brokerages, agents, teams, mandatory identification such as MLS, the big R and fair housing all smack the end user in the face. When more often than not the right professional's identity is lost. One aspect as to how the world of real estate is a marketing mess.

Here is the other.

When it comes to capitalizing in the real estate world the market has changed. A massive influx of team development and standardization has remapped the face of the industry. Agents who have the insight to build teams acquire a revenue boost from each who is their subordinate.  Take this dynamic and add it to the changing operational infrastructure of brokerages and you will see the needle that is popping the ReMax Baloon clear as day.

New competitors on the horizon have taken ownership of the interchanging dynamics as they relate to agent fee programs, team structure, and management to a whole new level. Embracing this dynamic and feeding it through the public. My home group, as well as a few others, are devolving the progressive infrastructure and long-held brand positioning of said giants who are not willing to give based on the security of past success. Creating a new position in the consumers' mind by embracing the changes that an overloaded professional genre has produced.

ReMax is resting on the past and ignoring the future. The industry is changing, and the agents will soon follow suit. If ReMax does not change, it's self-exemplary system of management. Now keep in mind, this post is coming from the perspective of a guy who has helped many agents develop a unique identity. Most of which come from the ReMax Family.

I can't say for sure what the other old-school giants are doing to outsmart the newbies, what I can say is that in my world I have seen many high performers jump the ReMax balloon to land in a place where the recruiting was no match for the current homesteads offering. I can also add that this event is not limited to agents themselves, but brokerages are looking for a different brand to ride on.

From my perspective, the balloon is popping. Close to home actually and when you're on the outside looking in, the balloon has an opportunity to lead in a more significant way than ever before. They missed one point and heartily getting the hard end of the other.

Posted on
August 23, 2018
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