My world is unique when it comes to people. I spend most of my time as an outside perspective based professional hired to analyze and solve problems.  Real business problems, issues that are causing sizable challenges that genuinely affect the bottom line.

Now track with me for a minute.  

My job is to see things that the current management is missing. To solve a problem that perplexes them, or they would have never reached out for help. Right? Easier said than done. When I take on a client, my role becomes unique and more often than not comes to a place where the core problems are often at the hands of those in control.

This step can go one of two ways.  It either goes well with a fair, honest evaluation of my recommendations taken to heart and dissected and engaged proactively with positive, profitable results, or not.

"Not" is the overall point of this post.

People tend to be selfish, I am not condemning, but truth-be-told, when this human attribute takes precedence over the well being of the organization's long-term goals there will be negative consequences.  I have seen this play out on projects with the numbers, as well as the negative results were or will be substantial.

Here is an example worth looking at;

A new franchise owner formally employed in the family business has branched out due to the former establishment had been sold.

This new venture is the owner's first time in an independent role.

The real problem is the lack of experienced management on staff. The problem the owner is trying to fill is not having to be there. Take this dilemma and think about it logically for a minute.

You have an owner who doesn't want to be at his new investment, he would prefer golfing, yet he wants the franchise to be profitable.

The truth is that the choice in management has been reduced several times over.  Not directly related to their skill set in managing the new operation, more-so for requiring the presence of the owner. Now I know this seems awkward. If the owner doesn't have to be there, then the manager is apparently doing his job?

Not the case.

The managers become passively tolerated when they meet the minimum duties required to alleviate the owner's involvement, and from an outside perspective, they are nowhere close to the level needed to run the business efficiently.

Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters. Albert Einstein

If you own a business and are at any level of accountability, you need to take a hard look at the truth. If you have ever been self-employed, you understand putting the business needs above your own and doing what's needed to make it work. Your life depends on it.  In this case, the owner does not understand the proclivity of what he's doing. Moreso he doesn't want the truth,  maybe he can't handle the truth.

The truth, in this case, is that selfish president takes the lead the results will be repeatedly predictable. The cumulative lack of experience will lead to repetitive failures, and at some point, the manager will be changed out like old underwear. Problems that are imperative to the operation, that when handled sub-par will eventually lead to the owner having to step back in which will impede the selfish desires vs. the need for a pro at the helm.

If the owner dealt with the truth, his selfish insight, the business would be much better off, and his overall need would eventually become fulfilled.

This principle isn't business exclusive; it applies to life. The people who are genuinely successful would much rather deal with the truth and hit it head-on , rather than band-aid reality due to their selfish delusions. A professional will look at the landscape and give it honest reflection; they will take the challenges and proverbially eat the frog. Yes, the truth can hurt, but never as bad as living a fantasy.

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