Social media, its challenges and future! Digital marketing expert Shubham Jain reveals it all

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November 25, 2019

Digitalization is taking over the entire world. Thanks to social media, people have started gaining recognition as well as making money on it. There was a time when social media was considered as a medium for chatting, but all that has changed. Be it influencers, singers, bloggers or dancers, everyone is using social media to their full advantage.

Shubham Jain, a digital marketing expert, talks about the importance of social media, as well as its future. Excerpts from the conversation:

Q) What do you think about digital media as a platform for aspiring singers?

These days, social media is flooded with many aspiring singers. But the question is—on how many social media sites should they be on?

As a digital marketing expert, I would say, “You should not do more than what you can do well.”

Let’s say, you are doing good on Facebook and Twitter. But the moment you gain some followers on Instagram, your results on Facebook and Twitter begin to waver. My simple mantra is: don’t just follow the latest trends to succeed on social media. You don’t need to promote yourself everywhere. Instead, you just need to be active and personal. If you stick to this, you will surely reap the benefits!

Q) Do you think social media is the platform that can bring out the best singers?

Trending on social media platforms is a huge thing nowadays. I know lots of singers as well as musicians who keep saying, “Hey you got to be on Instagram, as it has just launched IGTV! Interact with your fans on Snapchat; it’s the bomb! You could be an idiot if you are not taking advantage of Facebook Live!”

Well, many singers showcase their talent on social media. Social media, for singers, have become one of the most significant platforms for self-promotion, engaging with their fans, and creating a brand.

Getting your social content on point can make a huge difference to your career as a singer. There are many benefits of being on social media, but as I have said earlier, the key strategy is to keep your posts interesting and engaging.


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