One of the best Ad's I have ever seen and here's why!


Reason Number | 1

This video has the feel of being amateur with the resounding impact of professional quality. The mere fact that the cast is youtube stars adds to the mix which provides a subconscious realism based on viewer identification and personalization.

Reason Number | 2

The quality, both the song and the music, this is a commercial that could be a song you hear on top 40 radio! Dopamine levels are a direct connection to our engagement, responsiveness, and retention.  This commercial was purposely produced to just that, make your brain actively engrave it.

Reason Number | 3

The choreography, take a hard look at the music mix and the visual interaction. Purposeful changes tied together with impactful imagery is designed to make another lasting impression.  ( 24 seconds ) The characters, their movements and visual appearance ( stereotypical for a reason )  all tie together.

Reason Number | 4

The visuals, the pro football player, Hippy rapper, hip hop / top 40 and beautiful women. These are all made to be not only comforting but relative, unique and memorable. The visuals of the Pizza, the logo, the environment all are engineered to make this brand a default when you're hanging with friends.

In Closing

I could spend hours breaking this ad down and diagnosing every purpose driven action; I cannot afford the time. In my opinion, there are very few ads out there that have been so meticulously put together to reap so many rewards on so many counterintuitive cognitive levels.  

My applause to you DiGiorno

Sergio DeSoto
Strategic and results-driven Brand Management Professional with 16+ years of experience driving company-wide value, leading highly-visible business initiatives, and driving revenue growth and positive brand awareness within fast-paced, rapidly evolving environments.
March 6, 2016