There is a complex question floating around out there that needs our focused attention: How are we managing our tech influence?

It's an important question, no doubt...

But, what is "tech influence" exactly?

Maybe a clearer question, one underlying the "tech influence" question, is: Are we managing our engagement with technology in an appropriate manner? 

There is a ton of insight offered by authors and experts on how technology is effecting our ability to focus.

On this front, personally, I have opted to become a strict Bullet Journal advocate. See why:

...and just in case you are wondering, I exclusively use this notebook. ( Click here for a discount )

I hope you found this content helpful. While this post will hopefully lead to another, my point here is that we are not managing our technological intake in a productive manner.

For more information on the subject, specifically, please read this article below. Then, let me know what you think:


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