Face it, life is a race and more often than not involves rats. The road to success and personal fulfillment has been coached and mentored for the last 6000 years, yet the majority of people miss the point. Screw the rats and take a hard look at yourself.

Are you ready to face the reality that your worth is in fact in direct relation to the value you bring to the table? Keywords; “value”; “you” and last but not least “bring.” The older I get coupled with, the more I observe and contemplate, the more it becomes apparent that life as a whole is indeed in your hands. My Hands! 

Financial, physical, emotional, spiritual and relational are all a direct result of your personal philosophy coupled with focused, purposeful action.

No excuses, no blame and no obstacle that honestly can't be overcome. The hard reality it all boils down to hard you want to focus on achieving your mission. The one thing I have learned over the years of consulting for a mass variety of business genres and offerings is such a simple principle that it makes me kick myself in the arse for not investing more of my precious time on it.

Building real, sincere and undisputed measurable value in what I have to offer. Sounds simple right? Hold on a second. Let’s be honest here. What does it honestly take to build value in your offering, so much so that you can confidently stand before any human you are engaging with and help make their life better.

For years I believed it was work experience, taking stimulus in and making educated decisions. Being a leader, not afraid to stand out in a crowd and to rely on the gift of logic. While all this plays into the value I bring to the table it is not enough. Yes, there is more that is needed, and yes it requires personal discipline and focus.  

Here are a few routine tasks that I have begun to implement over the last year and the results are truly mind-blowing.

  • Read/listen to audiobooks daily. I feed my brain on various topics for a minimum of 30 mins per day without compromise.
  • Journal. I recap my gratitude, conflicts, and ideas every night before I go to bed with honest self-analytical reflection. I do this by using a pen and paper. Writing has a dynamic tie to your comprehensive and memory faculties.
  • I listen, observe and wait to respond after careful consideration with the primary goal of being a helpful, beneficial experience.
  • I covet my time by asking how important is this task to me. Not to you, to me. If it has value, I will put in an effort, if not I ruthlessly pass it by.
  • I invest in myself as a husband, father, and consultant by growing so I can offer those in my world a better outcome by having even the smallest amount of involvement as it relates to engaging with me.
  • I focus every morning mapping my day, every Sunday on my week and every Friday on recapping, learning and reflecting. Once a month I do the same for the month ahead and before.
  • Last but not least, I have alone time with no distractions. Daily. I use this time to let my head clear which is often coupled with a mind dump.

If you want to be better in every aspect of life,  shift gears and ask yourself how do you build your value first and foremost. Trust me the results will amaze you and those you are involved.There is a ton more I could add to this post that would make me feel like I am adding value to your world, as I hope the content here has. I will leave you with this.

Go out today and feed your brain, develop some daily habits and give wholeheartedly to helping others grow all via the means of building yourself into becoming more valuable in everything that you do!

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