2020 Marketing Trends: 5 Trends that Will Shape Your Digital Marketing

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November 21, 2019

But before we decide on what we will tackle in 2020, let’s take a look at the marketing trends we need to consider in our upcoming planning.

Trend 1: Insights-Driven Marketing

At Sticky Branding, we are huge fans of using analytics and SEO to drive business performance. It’s how we strategize for what’s next.

The newest trend in search engine optimization — driven by ever-changing consumer habits — is voice search. While definitely a game-changer, voice search is still in its infancy. But this will change in 2020.

With our new friends like Siri and Google Home, the opportunity for brands to advertise through this medium is on the forefront. However, before you put all your cards on voice search advertising, you should first optimize the content on your website for voice search. To start, this means creating your content around longer and conversational phrases — and targeted questions — that people would actually say.

Trend 2: Content Marketing

Speaking of content, us content marketers are faced with quite a challenge. First, we need to create a piece of content that will stand out in the world of oversaturated online content. And second, we must keep our audience’s attention and spark engagement, daily.

We’ve tried contests, games, gifs, live stream videos… but now our audience’s want more: More personalization, more knowledge, more credit, and everything in under 10 seconds. If not, see you later! It’s a cold, cold world out there.

On the up side, the way we tell our stories is changing, for the better. Instead of delivering the story to your audience, make your audience the center of the story. Storytelling is becoming more conversational. We all need to share our experiences in our stories.

The past few years we’ve seen the massive impact that digital marketing has had. Facebook and Google continue to dominate the online media, will this change in 2020? I doubt it.

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